‘Transforming Lives’ Public Talk in ‘Insight Matters’

Insight Matters are hosting a public talk on Saturday 1st April 12.30pm-2pm as part of ‘Transforming Lives’ for Trans Mental Health Mental Week 2017. The key objective this year is to bridge the gap of understanding and create closer ties between trans individuals and the healthcare community working with them. Information is below and at [...]

“When is Porn a Problem?” – A Mental Health Perspective

“When is Porn a Problem?” – A Mental Health Perspective  It is common knowledge that in less than a generation there has been a previously unimaginable change in the availability of pornography, and in the role it plays in our culture and in the lives of many individuals. Every possible variety of porn is now [...]

5 Day MBSR Programme – Friday 18th March – Tuesday 22nd March 2016

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a technique for living in the present moment. Mindfulness is instinctive to all of us but with the rush of modern day living we often lose touch with what is most innate and nourishing for us. Cultivating Mindfulness or ‘Awareness’ supports you create greater clarity, understanding and insight so you can live your live in [...]