Counselling and Psychotherapy

How to pick the right therapist for you –

Published on 25th January 2015 in – read it here THE MOTIVATION FOR writing this piece is a personal one. I have experienced and continue to experience mental health issues. It all came to a head in 2006 but thankfully I found the services of One in Four and was able to address my trauma as [...]

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Psychotherapy and counselling gives you a regular time to think and talk about the issues, which are stopping you from living a happier and fuller life. This is carried out in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space. You and the therapist will explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be causing emotional and physical distress. [...]

Mental Health of Migrants

Insight Matters passionately supports the commitment to an equal and inclusive Ireland. We believe in offering culturally sensitive and inclusive personal development, psychotherapy and counselling services to all those affected by prejudice, racism and discrimination. What is Prejudice? Prejudice is defined as a negative prejudgment or assumption made about or towards somebody, based on opinion [...]

Trauma and Abuse Counselling at Insight Matters

Trauma is a painful emotional experience or shock, often producing lasting psychological effects. If you have experienced or witnessed an emotionally overwhelming event e.g. car accident, abuse or victimisation, sexual attack, assault or burglary, loss or bereavement or a childhood trauma, you may experience distressing traumatic symptoms.  These can occur immediately following the event or [...]

Fears & Phobia Counselling

Approximately 7-11% of the general population experiences a specific phobia at some point in their lives. The most common phobias include: animals (e.g. snakes, spiders, insects); natural environment (e.g. water, heights); blood/injection/injury (e.g. needles, dentists); and situational phobias (e.g. elevators, flying). Other fears and phobias include fear of choking, vomiting or contracting an illness. Development [...]

How can you resolve Relationship Difficulties?!

Relationships hold an important and influential place in our lives in that they are an equal source of joy and distress at varying times.  When your relationships are healthy, nurturing and growth inspiring you feel more connected to those around you, your society and fundamentally to yourself, enabling you a greater sense of well-being and [...]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Mental Health

Insight Matters offer individual counselling and psychotherapy and relationship counselling to members of the LGBTQ community in addition to facilitated personal development groups We provide a skilled and confidential service to individuals and couples of all genders and all sexual orientations. Individuals at any point in their lives experience depression, stress, anxiety and any number of [...]

Assertiveness Training

Do you find it difficult to express anger or irritation? Do you find it hard to say No! Do you feel you’re overly polite and allow others to take advantage of you? Being assertive involves being able to express yourself clearly, to have your needs met and your rights acknowledged while also being able to [...]

Reality Therapy

  This is a method of therapy developed by the psychiatrist, William Glasser, MD in the 1960’s. The main point of this therapeutic approach is that people can choose behaviours that will help them to better meet their needs in the future. Reality therapy focuses on the responsibility of the client to develop their own [...]

Therapies and Therapeutic Approaches used at Insight Matters

              Person-Centred Therapy / Humanistic Therapy Psychodynamic Therapy Psychoanalysis Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Reality Therapy Choice Theory Existential Therapy Mindfullness based Therapy Call us now on 01-891 0703 or email for a confidential discussion and initial assessment with one of our senior therapists. Alternatively please fill in the online [...]