Online Counselling – How can it help?

At Insight Matters we have 75 talented psychotherapists, psychologists and counsellors.  We are proud our therapists come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, the neurodiverse and LGBTQ community and are passionate about supporting our clients on a wide range of issues.

Along with supporting our clients through counselling and psychotherapy we also want to help them become more informed and assist them to take charge of their own mental journey through psychoeducational articles written by our therapists.

Norma Simpson provides a secure, warm and non-judgemental environment in which the clients’ natural capacity for healing, self-understanding and change is supported.


Online Counselling – Reaching out for help during Covid-19

We are all facing uncertain and challenging times. Covid-19 has had a profound impact on our lives. The pressures of adapting to a new, restricted way of life and of juggling work and family commitments can have a detrimental impact on our physical and emotional well-being. If you find you are struggling, or feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Talking to a counselling professional can really help.

How can counselling help?

You may be feeling distressed or anxious about a current issue or something from your past, or recognize the need to implement certain changes to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life. Your counsellor can provide a warm, supportive and secure environment where you can explore the issues that matter to you.

Some problems can get worse over time if they remain unaddressed. By sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences, those difficulties become more manageable. Your therapist can provide understanding, encouragement and support as you navigate particular challenges or develop new life skills.

Is online counselling for me?

In our current times, we are reliant on technology to communicate with others and to access key support services. If you are apprehensive about the use of technology, your therapist can help with any questions and will often send you a link to connect to each session remotely. It is important to ensure that you have good anti-virus software on your computer and have a safe and comfortable space for your work.

Some people may wonder if online therapy is effective or whether it is possible to form a connection with someone remotely. A successful client/therapist relationship is built on trust, warmth and respect. From the very first session, your therapist will listen empathically and help you to find a way forward.

Reaching out for support

It is extremely courageous to admit that you are struggling or are feeling vulnerable. By reaching out for support, you are taking care of your physical and emotional well-being. You may, for example, be experiencing feelings of loneliness, anxiety or find that the current restrictions are putting a strain on your relationship. You may be worried about a loved one, or are coping with grief and loss or are in financial distress and perhaps facing an uncertain future.

By attending counselling, you will have the opportunity to explore and work through the issues that you choose to bring in a safe, empathic and non-judgemental setting. This can lead to greater self-understanding, self-compassion and the development of those skills and resources that will prove beneficial in managing your personal difficulties.

You do not have to deal with these issues alone. Online counselling can help.

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