Self-Care Through Covid-19

These are very strange times… in fact one might think it’s a bit like being in a blockbuster movie about a deadly virus that is terrorising the public.  But it’s not a movie, this is real life. We are all struggling to adapt to a new routine as schools are shut, businesses are working remotely, streets are deserted, people are wearing surgical masks and terms like social distancing have become part of our vocabulary.

How are people’s mental health affected?

Covid-19 has unleashed fear on the public and people are understandably feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious about what the coming months will look like. Apart from the threat of illness, people are worried about their livelihoods, their jobs, businesses or how this will effect the economy. Parents are juggling the care of their children whilst working from home. People with elderly parents are concerned they may lose loved ones to Covid-19. Let’s not forget about those who are self-isolating due to being tested positive for Covid-19 or simply having flu like symptoms. These are just some ways how peoples lives have been impacted by the virus.

In the nations address last evening by the Taoiseach, we heard that the situation may go on well into the summer – so we must hunker down and prepare for the coming months. Approach this as a marathon and not a race, so pace yourself.

What can you do to take care of yourself? 

Here are some tips we would like to share with you:

  • Measure your daily consumption of media
  • Be mindful of your engagement with social media
  • Monitor your alcohol and substance consumption
  • Plan nutritious meals – try out a new recipe!
  • Try and get as much rest as possible
  • Read and engage in nourishing material
  • Dance – all you need is your favourite music!
  • Schedule regular calls with friends and loved ones
  • Stay away from anxious people in your life if your resources are low
  • Schedule time for exercise either indoors or outdoors
  • Get plenty of fresh air – go for a walk, jog or cycle
  • Take care of your garden or indoor plants
  • Take a bath and pamper yourself
  • If you have children be present as best as you can and – play, play, play!
  • If you are attending counselling – do continue either face to face or online as your therapist will be a great source of support

Our centre is fully operational as we are still providing face to face counselling and have also begun providing support online.

If you are struggling please give us a call on 01-8910703 or email




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