Gender IdentityCriteria for teenagers and adults as outlined by the HSE*:

To be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a teenager or adult should:

  • feel persistently and strongly that they are the wrong sex and feel a strong identification with the opposite sex
  • feel discomfort in their sex and its gender role and strongly dislike and wish to be rid of the physical characteristics of their sex, such as breasts, facial and body hair and genitalia
  • not have a condition that causes them to display physical attributes of the opposite sex (although this is being increasingly questioned)
  • experience long-term anxiety, distress and impairment in social and occupational areas of life due to their condition

Once completed you will be provided with a formal written diagnosis, which can be used should you wish to receive hormone treatment and surgical reassignment. This is carried out in the endocrine unit of St. Columcilles’s Hospital in Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin