A close intimate relationship can be a source of great fulfilment. Yet when the relationship becomes problematic feelings of sadness, guilt, rejection and loneliness can ensue. Many couples find themselves stuck and unable to break the cycle of negative behaviour towards each other, consequently communicating and staying connected may feel impossible. When two people no longer relate their relationship is in crisis.

Insight Matters endeavour to provide a confidential environment, where couples can explore reoccurring difficulties in their relationship. With the support of your therapist you collaboratively explore different means of relating and learn new skills to help you listen, understand and communicate more effectively with one another.


Couples counselling otherwise referred to as relationship counselling or marriage counselling is an opportunity to air hurt and angry feelings in a safe, impartial and empathic environment. It can offer new insights into the ways you are communicating and experiencing each other, help clarify thoughts and feelings and in so doing reduce conflict in the relationship.

Relationship counselling helps to address the following:

Couples will ideally attend a number of exploratory sessions together and decide at this point how they wish to proceed. However in the event that one partner becomes unable or unwilling to commit further, it is recommended that the other partner continues with the process.

Relationship Therapists at Insight Matters offer skilled and confidential relationship counselling to couples of all genders and all sexual orientations (LGBTQ).

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