Insight Matters passionately supports the commitment to an equal and inclusive Ireland. We believe in offering culturally sensitive and inclusive personal development, psychotherapy and counselling services to all those affected by prejudice, racism and discrimination.

What is Prejudice?

Prejudice is defined as a negative prejudgment or assumption made about or towards somebody, based on opinion rather than reason or actual experience.

Prejudice most commonly involves having negative attitudes and stereotyped beliefs about members of groups, based on social class, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal traits.

What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is actual prejudiced behaviour toward someone else. It is unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, based on the above grounds of race, age, or sex etc. Certain types of discrimination are illegal.

What is Racism?

Racism is defined as actions, beliefs or practices that distinguish members of each race as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Effects of Prejudice / Discrimination / Racism:

  • Shattered self-confidence
  • Isolation & Segregation from your Community
  • Mental & Emotional Turmoil
  • Inability to express your needs
  • Difficulty in asserting yourself
  • Suicidal Thoughts & Self-Harm
  • Substance Abuse
  • Losing trust in others and in yourself
  • Increased self-questioning and self-doubt
  • Breakdown of Relationships
  • Violation of human rights

How can Counselling and Psychotherapy help you?

All counsellors and psychotherapists at Insight Matters receive ongoing specialised training on the social and psychological effects of prejudice, racism and discrimination.

If you have been discriminated against you may be left feeling powerless, worthless and afraid, through repeated emotional, verbal or physical abuse. You may wonder what you’ve done to deserve this kind of treatment and start to question yourself and your value as a person. If this is your experience at the hands of another individual it is important to tell someone and receive support.

Insight Matters offers specialised counselling to help you understand the forces at play in prejudiced behaviour, and to build confidence to break out of the behaviour cycle. It is effective in treating anxiety, depression, sadness low self-esteem, or suicidal thoughts. You learn how to unburden yourself of the emotional pain you have experienced and gain a fresh mindset so that you can open up to learning new coping strategies to deal with your situation. You discover and implement management approaches like:

  • Assertiveness Training – to assert your rights
  • Improving coping strategies
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Help in understanding and managing any post-traumatic symptoms/memories you may be suffering
  • Validation of your experiences
  • Reintegration Strategies
  • Managing the effects of discrimination in the workplace
  • Mindfulness & use of guided imagery to reduce stress
  • Relaxation techniques

Insight Matters also provides counselling and psychotherapy for those who seek to discriminate against others. If this is your experience you will also benefit from therapy by addressing your need to relate to others in this way and the underlying reasons behind this. As part of therapy, you can learn how to overcome stigmas and stereotypes and how to create new relationships with oneself and others.

If you are concerned that you have experienced prejudicial behaviour and are being discriminated against and you would like to talk to someone in confidence, please contact us on 01-891 0703 or email to arrange an initial consultation. Alternatively please fill in the online booking form and we will contact you within 24 hours.