Anger, though a natural emotion, may express itself in undesirable ways. Anger and high adrenaline triggers physiological reactions such as raised heart-beat, higher temperature and palpitations. Mounting anger can cause us to behave aggressively and inappropriately which can negatively impact our relationships, both personal and professional. We cannot control anger-provoking situations, but we can manage our attitudes to them.

What is Anger Management Counselling & Psychotherapy? Anger Management counselling can help with all anger issues from mild irritation to explosive rage. Anger Management sessions can help you to understand the causes of anger and help to set it in context. We work with you to manage your anger levels and to minimize angry confrontation or self-harm. Once a degree of management over your anger has been achieved, we explore its root causes and underlying source.

What are the Benefits of Anger Management Counselling?

  • Understanding the root causes of your anger/irritability.
  • Examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to anger.
  • Gain self-understanding and insight, including identifying triggers.
  • Improve your communication skills and self-expression.
  • Develop coping strategies to manage anger-provoking situations.
  • Learn techniques and tools that are applicable for the long-term. Ref: Harley Therapy – Psychotherapy & Counselling London

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