Logo_2From time to time we all have to deal with emotional distress or major events in our lives, for the most part they are short lived and we can deal with them in our own time, but sometimes these events can trigger a host of unexpected feelings and behaviours from depression and panic attacks to anxiety and disruption of sleep and eating habits.
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine not only look at alleviating the symptoms associated with mental health problems but can also treat the root of the problem by helping to re-balance the body’s internal environment.

Mental health problems are nothing new and can be traced back over two thousand years in some Chinese journals. Traditional Chinese Medicine does not recognise a mental health problem as one particular syndrome after all we are all unique and individual and our treatment should reflect our individuality. Therefore everyone will receive there own personal treatment plan which will include Acupuncture bodywork, lifestyle and dietary recommendations.
According to Chinese Medical theory, mental health problems occur when there is imbalance in the body. Imbalance can come from an excess or deficiency of yin and yang that disrupts the flow of qi or energy through the body. The Physical and emotional
symptoms that you are experiencing will help the Acupuncturist create a clear picture and understanding of the changes that are occurring in the body, with this information the Acupuncturist can create a treatment plan specifically for you helping to relieve symptoms by restoring equilibrium.

Acupuncture points used to treat the emotional and physical effects of mental health problems are located all over the body. The Acupuncture needles used are so thin several can go into the middle of a hypodermic needle, therefore there is little or no sensitivity to their insertion, most people relax and even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment.
The needles are left in for between five to thirty minutes. The length, number and frequency of treatments will vary. Typically treatments will last about thirty to forty minutes with patients being treated one or two times a week. Some symptoms are relieved after the first treatment, while more chronic ailments often require multiple treatments.

Today Acupuncture is acknowledged and respected field of medicine which requires formal training and certification in order to practice. Acupuncture is an art and a science that takes years to master. I have chosen to specialise in the treatment of mental health, anxiety and depression. My combined professional and personal experiences have given me an in-depth understanding and knowledge base in the area.
John Pender - Acupunctuarist at Insight Matters

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