Sandra McGrath Fully Booked

Training & Accreditation

Sandra has a BA in Social Studies and an MSc in Psychotherapy from Dublin City University (DCU). She is fully accredited with IACP.


Sandra believes in fairness and equality and in the strength of human spirit. She believes in the ability of us all to rise from the most challenging of life experiences with the right supports. Therapy can help us to recognise, acknowledge and overcome the barriers we face so we can get the most out of life, despite adversity. Therapy is a collaborative process between client and therapist and is different for everyone. Sometimes we are working towards change. Sometimes we are learning to live with situations we cannot change. Mostly, we create a therapeutic relationship that is non-judgmental, accepting and compassionate, allowing for the exploration of difficulties and healing from pain.

Sandra provides both short and long term therapy.

Experience & Areas of Interest

Sandra has over 20 years-experience working in health and social care settings. She has worked with children with autism, children with intellectual disabilities, their families and carers. She has worked with adults with intellectual disabilities, specifically the dual diagnosis of mental health and intellectual disabilities, along with their families, friends and carers. Sandra has experience of both child and adult in-patient mental health facilities throughout Ireland. Throughout her career, Sandra has also worked closely with staff working in services.

Through conversations and experiences with staff, families, carers around the challenges faced when supporting a person who is struggling either short or long term the impact on the person caring for or supporting was heavily realised.  Sandra developed an interest in the role of the ‘carer’ as it applies to us both personally in everyday life as we support family and friends, and/or professionally.

Sandra works with health and social care students and professionals. She works with parents who are supporting their children through difficulties, and also individuals and couples presenting with personal challenges. She works with people experiencing relationship difficulties, trauma and associated symptoms, the interaction between personal and professional lives, substance misuse, sexuality issues, gender issues, depression, stress, grief, loss, and other issues that disrupt life at a given time.

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