Maggie Fitzgerald

Training & Accreditation

CST-T, MIACST, LIC Hom, B.Sc(Mgmt)

My interest in healing started in 2002 when I completed Reiki attunements to Masters level.  I then trained to be a homeopath in 2005 and in 2008 I started working with clients in the Dophin’s Barn, Fatima and Rialto area.  The majority of clients suffered abuse (sexual, physical and emotional) and were struggling with addiction (drugs and alcohol).  A yearning to go deeper with clients and hold more safety, I started training as a Shamanic Practitioner and delving into the sub-conscious through holotropic breathwork.   I also trained in Touch for Health and Systematic Kinesiology.


Following a serious illness in Nov 2010 (a mercury filling went into my digestive tract, at a dentist visit, and lodged in my appendix – rupturing six weeks later).  I spent the next 18 months trying to get my health back.  This is where I encountered Craniosacral Therapy.  I was so touched by my first session, I signed up to train immediately.  Craniosacral Therapy was like coming home.  I had found a modality that awakened a knowing in me.  The neutrality required and the ability to get out of the way was so transformative and humbling.  My head was learning to bow down to the heart, because that’s where the wisdom channels are.  Since then my path has felt so sacred and divine.  I trained in Vocal Sound Therapy with Githa Ben David in Denmark.  I travelled to the Bahamas to train in Dolphin Assisted Craniosacral Therapy, treating clients in the water.  In the last few years my 3rd eye has opened up more and more, allowing me to see the chakra’s of the body, meridians, auric fields.  Trace ancestor patterns handed down.  Clear past lives impacting this lifetime.  Finding belief systems and conditioning, collectively and within the family, creating suffering.

Experience & Areas of Interest

My specialities are trauma, shame, victimization loops, freeze patterns, anxiety,  racing mind, feelings of being bad, unlovable, not belonging and not enough. I also attract a lot of clients who are twins, or were twins in the womb.  I help those who are going through spiritual awakenings also.  I closed my physical clinics in July 2021 and now work exclusively online.



Rates Per Session

€ 90

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