Jessica Byrne

Training & Accreditation

Hi my name Is Jessica Byrne. I am qualified as an End Of Life Doula. I am also qualified with Kundalini Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy bliss, Bowls sound healer, EFT practitioner, reflexology, breath work, holistic massage. I am focused on trauma release and vagus nerve activation using these different modalities. I am also a fully qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor.


I have always been in a caring roll. I worked in healthcare for many years and as a personal trainer. I was my own wonderful fathers carer then as he battled dementia until his passing in 2020.

I had a spiritual awakening following his death and it lead me to my passions around healing. I begun as a reiki practitioner and Sound therapist. My work has brought me to trauma release and the magic of the vagus nerve.

I was a late diagnosed Autism/adhder and I also work closely with neurodivergent community.

Experience & Areas of Interest

I work with people on all walks of life. Those lost in grief or lost within their own sense of identity. I support fellow neurodivergent ( diagnosed or self diagnosed) in finding their own way and peace. I use all my knowledge and different modalities to find what it right for each client. Some need to talk, others may not be ready to so we use movement and breathwork to begin. We all need to feel seen , heard and understood. My job is to help you to find yourself and your light.

I also help to guide those on a spiritual awakening to find their own path and to be grounded.

I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to message me with any questions.


For more information, please visit:

Tuning Inward Podcast featuring Jessica Byrne

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