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Training & Accreditation

I hold BA (hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Irish College of Humanities and Applied Science (ICHAS). Beginning my training back in 2012, I hold a diploma in psychoanalytical studies from Dublin Business School, I have also studied with the internationally recognised trauma expert Babette Rothschild, whilst also focusing on areas of mindfulness and suicide awareness and prevention. I am a pre-accredited counsellor with APCP.


I offer a safe space for clients to explore their life and develop it further, as an integrative counsellor I believe that every individual has a unique story to tell and often life experiences and situations maybe be similar; however for each person the emotional impact can be different and often the cause of considerable confusion, chaotic feelings and unhelpful thoughts. As such I draw on the many approaches I have learnt over the previous 8 years of training to meet the clients individual needs, I work from a trauma informed approach which includes person-centred therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), humanistic, and mindfulness.

Experience & Areas of Interest

I developed a special interest in chronic pain management and trauma therapy, with past trauma/abuse experience being so often linked to the diagnosis of a chronic pain disorder such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Arthritis etc

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain conditions are effected by past stress and also current day to day life, where it can be very difficult to feel heard and understood when your pain is not visible, leading to more stress and emotional pain.  Often times chronic pain can lead to addiction to opioids, which are prescribed to help with the pain due to its relentless nature. While not everyone will develop an addiction, there are strong correlations between pain and addiction I believe that your relationship to yourself and the pain itself can either lead to more hardship and struggle or can lead to compassion and acceptance. To develop compassion  may be hard after a lifetime of patterns that demand anything but compassion, and as they may be outside our conscious awareness it can be very difficult to gain the clarity and perspective needed to begin living a more compassionate life towards ourselves. Through therapy it is possible to develop a new relationship, and new ways of being in the world that can make life a little bit easier.


A history of adverse events, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, a bad accident or a high level of past stress can lead to intense emotional pain that affects our present day. Often emotional pain has early life trauma as its origins, counselling provides a safe space for your pain to be witnessed without judgement. People who have a history of trauma develop a sense of the world where by its not safe and therefore they have to be on guard which can lead to high anxiety and stress. Through counselling it possible to feel safe again. As a therapist I believe it is important to take your time with this process which is why I take a very gentle mindful approach to trauma therapy to avoid any further overwhelm or re-traumatisation. Recovery is hard but it is possible and it is important to feel supported in your recovery and that is what counselling can provide, a safe, calm and nurturing environment while you walk this path.

Other areas of interest include anxiety, depression, bereavement, anger management, work place issues and those who want to develop more mindful awareness in their day to day life.

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