Breanna Coyle

Training & Accreditation

Breanna is a registered member COSRT as a Clinical Sexologist, PSI member as BSc. (Honours) in Applied Psychology. ESSM and ISSM member.


A sex positive psychosexual therapist working from an evidence-based Bio/Psycho/Social pluralistic approach, with trauma informed practice.

Skilled in working with Gender Sex and Relationship Diversity (GSRD); Compulsive Sexual Behaviour (CSB); Somatic Psychology; Kink, Fetish and Paraphilia; Cultural and Disability Diversity; Psychopathology in psychotherapeutic practice; working compassionately with Anxiety and Depression; working effectively with Addiction and Recovery; and working creatively with Trauma.

Specifically, presentations of:

DSM-5: Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder; Genito Pelvic Pain Disorder; Substance/Medication Induced Sexual Dysfunction; Erectile Disorder; Premature Ejaculation

ICD-11: Hypoactive Sexual disorder dysfunction; Sexual arousal dysfunctions; Organic Dysfunctions; Ejaculatory Dysfunctions; Sexual pain-penetration disorders.

New View: Sexual problems due to Socio-cultural, political, or economic factors; Sexual problems relating to partner and relationship; sexual problems due to psychological factors; Sexual problems due to medical factors.

Experience & Areas of Interest

Additional skills and experience in: Training; Facilitation; Sexual Education; Family Constellations; Mindfulness Based practices; Body Therapy; Organic Horticulture; Fine Arts; Costume Design; Business Administration IT and Design.

Tuning Inward Podcast featuring Breanna Coyle

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