Alex Delogu

Training & Accreditation

Alex received his BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Dublin Business School. He’s an accredited member of the IACP and adheres to their code of ethics. Alex attends regular supervision and is dedicated to continual learning. He recently received a Foundation Certificate in Group Analysis.

Alex also holds an MA in Philosophy from UCD and is also a qualified Tai Chi instructor.


I practice as an integrative psychotherapist, meaning I draw on my diverse life experience and training backgrounds in my therapy work. In terms of therapeutic approach I am drawn towards humanistic therapy, body therapy, existential and psychoanalytic theories. At the base of it all life is challenging and rarely presents us with solutions to our problems. Sometimes it is hard to identify what the problem even is. I like to think of the therapy space as somewhere two people can make a sort of music together and discover the songs that have been drowned out by the noises of life.

Experience & Areas of Interest

I am basically interested in what makes us human in all the ways that can be and how we can live meaningful lives that celebrate our differences.

Alex currently teaches existential psychotherapy at DBS. He has written a number of articles published in journals Inside Out and IJCP. The articles cover topics life difference, philosophy, psychoanalysis, improvisation, language, and politics, among others.

Alex runs a monthly philosophy reading group on the works of Iain McGilchrist. McGilchrist is a neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and philosopher, whose theories help elucidate who we are.

Alex teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong primarily in South Dublin.




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