Alexa Smith

Training & Accreditation

I hold an MSc in Systemic & Family Psychotherapy and I am a fully accredited member of both the FTAI and ICP.

I am also an NLP Licensed Practitioner & Life Coach and a NVR (non-violent resistance) parent facilitator.


Systemic psychotherapy recognises that we live our lives in relationship to one another and that often our thoughts, behaviours and difficulties can be better understood within the context of these relationships.  ​I respect and acknowledge every person’s perspective and unique life experience.  I create a safe, non-judgemental space where we collaboratively work together to make sense of whatever difficulties are present for you while moving towards a greater understanding of yourself and others.

I integrate elements of Narrative Therapy in my practice.  This approach views individuals as the experts of their own lives.  The focus is on the stories we tell about ourseleves and our experiences and how these narratives shape our identities and relationships.  I guide you in exploring your unique personal stories, identifying strengths and values while challenging unhelpful or limiting beliefs.  In doing so, you will gain a greater sense of agency over your own life story, while creating positive change in your connections with yourself and others.

Experience & Areas of Interest

Individuals: I provide support to individuals and young people of all ages who are experiencing a spectrum of difficulties including anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, grief, adverse childhood experiences or relationship difficulties or simply want to understand themselves more fully.  I also have lots of experience working with those in the arts and creative industries.

Couples: As a GSRD affirming relationship therapist, I work with couples of all sexual orientations and relationship preferences. I offer support with the wide range of issues including communication difficulties, conflicts, separation, infidelity, intimacy challenges, compulsive sexual behaviours and future mapping. I create a safe and inclusive space for couples to explore their unique dynamics and navigate their specific needs and desires. I help couples develop effective communication techniques, rebuild trust, deepen intimacy, and foster a strong and resilient partnership.

Families: My systemic approach strengthens family bonds by improving communication, addressing conflicts, and building healthier relationships. I offer a collaborative space where each person can express their feelings safely while working towards mutual understanding. Together, we can create a more resilient family unit, improving overall well-being and facilitating positive change.

Parents: I work with parents to develop healthier and more effective ways of relating to their children and to each other. We explore the complexities of their family dynamics, communication patterns, and parenting styles.




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