EFT refers to Emotional Freedom Techniques and it is a body & mind method of releasing emotions, stress, limiting beliefs, and trauma that have been trapped in the body.

It combines modern psychological knowledge and neurology with Eastern wisdom about the energy of the body and knowledge of meridians and acupuncture points. Tapping lowers the level of cortisol, which reduces stress and its symptoms, and over time it gives us access to the subconscious mind allowing us to resolve unresolved and create supportive changes in the thinking patterns or automatic behaviours.

What to expect during the sessions:

During the sessions, I will guide you through tapping on energy points around the body. We will work to find the core events that contribute to how you are feeling today and to process any unresolved emotions of something that has happened in the past. When working with EFT, we “mirror tap” which means we will both tap on ourselves while I guide the session through a series of questions or statements.

The work combines steps like a conversation about your problem, short meditation, grounding exercises, tapping meridian points, following the body’s sensations, visualization and breathwork. I use classic EFT as well Cellular EFT and Matrix Reimprinting which involves inner child work.

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