Amatsu has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine and the martial art Taijutsu and is based on principles of natural movement. It is a gentle, soft-tissue therapy which restores the body to its anatomical neutral, allowing it to unravel and release restrictions in the fascia/interconnective tissue, organs, ligaments, muscles and skeletal structure. When our bodies start to move out of alignment/balance we aren’t necessarily aware and so our bodies adapt to support the mis-alignment. We continue to function in this adaption, and diet, lifestyle and stress can put us into further adaptions. The human body keeps adapting in order to correct the imbalances, however, at some point pain, discomfort and/or inflammation signal to us that something is amiss. Being out of balance has an adverse effect on all the systems of the body – digestive, immune, endocrine, lymphatic, cardiovascular and the central nervous system.

Amatsu identifies imbalances and instability in the body, focussing on the underlying cause of the symptoms. By treating the body globally in Amatsu, we coax it back to homeostasis, its preferred natural state. This then has a positive affect physically, emotionally and mentally.

The many techniques used in an Amatsu treatment are non-invasive and low impact. The client remains fully clothed and treatments take 50 minutes to one hour using soft tissue and mobilisation techniques. To address a particular issue, we suggest 4 to 6 treatments, and recommend regular assessments and maintenance following that in order to keep the body in balance.

Breda Walsh

Breda Walsh

Amatsu Orthopath

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