Relationship Difficulties at Insight MattersRelationships hold an important and influential place in our lives in that they are an equal source of joy and distress at varying times.  When your relationships are healthy, nurturing and growth inspiring you feel more connected to those around you, your society and fundamentally to yourself, enabling you a greater sense of well-being and self-esteem.

However, if your relationships are not going well for you, if they are unhealthy, destructive and causing you unhappiness, this can infiltrate into all others areas of your life.

This can occur in relationships with your spouse, partner, sibling, parent, friend or work colleague.  Quite often we underestimate the effect that negative relationships can have on us and prefer to bury our head in the sand as opposed to addressing the problem head on.

Counselling and Psychotherapy allows you time and space to understand what exactly is happening in the dynamics of complex and confusing relationships. A third party perspective gives insight into your behaviour and why you’re acting a certain way. Once the relationship becomes clearer you’re better able to decide what you want out of it, how you want to resolve the current conflict and what way you want to move forward.


Issues around Relationships often addressed in Therapy

Breakdown of Trust

Communication Problems

Openness and Honesty

Effect of Infidelity

Sexual Problems

Arguments & Disputes

Anger and Jealousy

Financial Difficulties

Loss of Closeness or Passion once felt

Feeling isolated or invalidated within the Relationship

Friendships falling apart without clear understanding of why and how!


Benefits of Counselling for Relationship Difficulties

Learn how to negotiate conflict and the other more difficult aspects of human relating.

Learn to communicate in ways that all parties feel heard, understood and respected.

Understand your distress and the reasons behind it.

Receive practical support on how you want your relationship to move forward.

Resolve past conflicts that may be impacting on your present relationship.


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