Olaf Luebben

Training & Accreditation

Olaf was trained in counselling and psychotherapy starting in 2015. He completed a master’s degree in 2019. Before this, Olaf was working in the field of physics. He acquired a PhD degree in physics in 2013.


Olaf approaches the unconscious psychoanalytically meaning for him the unknown motivations matter. Hereby an eclectic and holistic approach is chosen. It includes

  • body awareness,
  • focuses on emotions,
  • inner child work, and
  • emphasis on what the client needs in the here and now.


Experience & Areas of Interest

Coming from a scientific background, Olaf then started to enjoy the inner world of human motivations and actions, i.e. the conscious and unconscious or shadow side of things.

This journey from science to (un)conscience organically led to an interest in faith, moral, meaning, and ultimately their influence on our being in the world.


If the words above resonate with you, Olaf is happy to provide you with the environment for

  • personal growth,
  • self-actualisation,
  • a search for meaning, and
  • most importantly healing.


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