Ciarán Coyle

Training & Accreditation

Ciarán is a pre-accredited member with IACP, guided by their code of ethics. Ciarán holds

a Diploma and BA honours degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy with IICP.  A Level 7 Diploma in Community Drug and Alcohol Work, Level 5 certificate in Community Addiction Studies.  Ciarán has a qualification in Irish Sign Language (ISL).  Back in 2011 Ciarán studied Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training in the NTC. Ciarán has studied numerous models of care in the social care filed such as Daily life events (DLE) working in mainstream residential care and social role valorisation (SRV) working with adults with intellectual disabilities and the visually impaired. Ciarán has also worked in the addiction field and with adults who are visually impaired.  Ciarán is committed to his own personal development and loves to learn more in the continuous professional development realm. Ciarán believes strongly in congruence in the therapy room and the synthesis between what he does and says in the therapeutic space.



For Ciarán at the forefront of his practice is Carl Rogers and his person-centered therapy.   Everything else branches out from there.  Ciarán believes that having compassion, empathy, and self-love for oneself is essential and helps foster a compassionate supportive atmosphere in the therapy room.  The instillation of hope in clients is essential.  An environment free of judgement and one that is collaborative is necessary.  The therapeutic alliance is everything.  Irvin Yalom’s humanity and compassion too and his existential therapy.  Gabor Mate in his viewpoint on addiction and realistic view of people’s addictions and trauma, asking “why the pain?”, the real reasons behind the escapism.  Harm reduction is the most realistic approach with regards to working with addiction, meeting the person where they are at during the wheel of change, according to Ciarán.  Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s work in psychoanalysis, drawing on making the unconscious conscious.

An integrative multicultural paradigm is key to Ciarán’s work in the therapy room, walking with the client side by side meeting them where they are at.  Ciarán endeavours to learn and study as much as he can about the different cultures that he works with and is currently actively studying the Polish language.  The power of thoughts feelings and behaviours in Albert Ellis’ REBT and Glasser’s Choice Theory.  Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and the search for meaning through suffering.

The more you know, the more you grow.  Ciarán believes that client preferences, feedback and continuous reciprocity is central for positive client outcomes.  Attunement to ruptures in the therapeutic alliance are important to notice and commitment to repairing them too.  Ciarán is very mindful of self-reflection and growth and believes that therapists are a catalyst for client change but that it is the innate tendencies of clients that lead to long term change and self-fulfilment.

Ciarán believes that if it was one size fit all then we would all be wearing the wrong sized pants! Every client and human being are completely unique and requires adaption on the therapist’s part. Habit formation and the power of the mind, body, and soul connection. MI and rolling with the resistance. Attachment theory and relationships, psychoeducational piece with clients.  “Love is life, if you miss love, you miss life”! -Leo Buscaglia. Love is the centre of the universe in Ciarán’s opinion and if you have love you are a millionaire every day. 🙂 I love learning and will never stop:) Ciarán believes that everyone can bloom under the right conditions and with the right support. 🙂

“Adversity is the dust that polishes the diamond”. – Mark Munoz.

Experience & Areas of Interest

Ciarán has a huge interest in different life areas and has worked with issues such as men’s health, addiction, anxiety, depression. Furthermore sexuality, working with people who are deaf, neurodiversity, trauma, grief and loss, suicide intervention, breathwork, relationship dynamics, adults with intellectual disabilities, developmental psychology and the connection between mind, body and spirit have been themes in Ciarán’s therapy room and wider work life to date.  Ciarán is committed to lifelong learning and developing knowledge through fellow colleagues and trainings.



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