Insight Matters was founded by social entrepreneurs and since its inception it has been a social enterprise – a business created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way.

Therapy shouldn’t cost the earth so at Insight Matters we provide mental health support services to suit all budgets.


Accommodating Diversity

Insight Matters was created to address the lack of inclusive mental health services in Ireland. Diverse sexualities, gender identities, ethnicities, cultures and life experiences are rarely accommodated in a therapeutic space mainly because of lack of awareness. Our services reflect our new diverse Ireland and our practitioners are skilled to welcome and work with all the rich diversity of human behaviours.


lao-tzuInsight Matters – Inspiring Change in Self and Society

At Insight Matters we are not afraid to dream big! Yes, we want to aid and support your inward journey towards self-awareness and well-being but we also want to encourage you to see that life is much bigger than you.

The key to good mental health is self-awareness and realizing that the meaning of life is… to live a life of meaning.

We believe that at the very heart of our mental health recovery lies the answer to many if not most of the worlds problems.