Professional and Peer Support

At Insight Matters, we believe in being a team. Together we want to provide an environment that is inclusive, caring and a safe supportive space that will help to support your journey
as a private practitioner. We provide in- house training on various topics of interest and peer support. Professional advice and guidance is always available from our qualified Director Anne Marie Toole as well as extensive marketing and business support from Director Dil Wickremasinghe.


At Insight Matters, the safety of our therapists is paramount. In case of emergency, you will have access to a number that can be reached day and night. At most times, there will always be someone in the building with you and if any time you feel unsafe you ring the number provided.

Centre of Excellence

Insight Matters has and will continue to expand and grow as the years continue.
Our vision is endless, and we have become a centre of excellence for governance, policies and professional standards of ethics.

Sense of Community

Insight Matters regularly hosts social and networking events for practitioners to get to know each other, feel a sense of community and assist in the growth of their professional network.