Gillian Fagan, B.A. (Hons.)

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Public Speaker

Training and Accreditation:

Gillian completed a 4 year honours degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy with the Tivoli Institute.  She is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and has completed a Diploma in Family Therapy and a Certificate in Gottman Couples Therapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Approach:

“I am passionate about mental fitness!  The kind of work I do primarily builds up mental wellbeing so that the client develops better coping skills and a sense of their own resilience without any judgement.

As a therapist I work mainly from a person centred approach, developing connection and open communication.  Having been trained as an integrative psychotherapist I truly believe no one style works for everyone and I use an eclectic mix of theories.  I often bring in aspects of psychodynamic, humanistic, CBT, Gestalt therapy, mindfulness and psychoanalysis.  I will help the client understand why their life is the way they are and bring unconscious behaviours into awareness while improving self care.”

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest:

Gillian is a psychotherapist and mental health consultant who is also the founder of AcoraTherapy.  She specialises and gives workshops in LGBT areas such as gender dysphoria, trans* lifestyles and relationships, alternative sexualities, non-traditional relationships and couples therapy.  She works with trauma, sexual and fertility issues, bereavement and loss, anxiety, depression, stress, career issues, life changes, terminal illness and self esteem.


Languages: English


Rate per Session: €60 – 80