Approximately 7-11% of the general population experiences a specific phobia at some point in their lives. The most common phobias include: animals (e.g. snakes, spiders, insects); natural environment (e.g. water, heights); blood/injection/injury (e.g. needles, dentists); and situational phobias (e.g. elevators, flying). Other fears and phobias include fear of choking, vomiting or contracting an illness.

Development of a fear is related to various diverse factors – gender, age of onset, e.g. early childhood or during adolescence or into adulthood.

We all experience fear and worry, to a degree. However, phobias can create wide-reaching difficulties and hinder day-to-day functioning. Counselling treatment for a Phobia involves working through a therapy program to control the fear.

What is Phobia Therapy and Counselling?

Phobia counselling is designed around your particular concerns and background history. Our psychotherapists will help you find the most suitable way of dealing with your phobia/s. The therapist will gather information about your specific feelings, thoughts and behaviours around the feared object or situation. The therapist will then decide what treatment approach works best for you – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques are proven to be effective at reducing heightened fears. Equally exposure therapy has been shown to be effective at reducing fears.

Phobias often addressed in Counselling

Fear of Failure
Fear of being alone
Fear of Clowns
Fear of Darkness
Fear of Birds
Enclosed spaces (claustrophobia)
Social Phobia/Fear of Crowds (Difficulty being around people for long periods, often feeling need or compulsion to leave suddenly.)
Agoraphobia (intense fear about being in public places where you feel escape may be difficult).

What are the Benefits of Phobia Therapy and Counselling?

  • Develop Tailor-made Coping Strategies to Manage your Fears and Anxieties.
  • Learn Techniques and Tools that are applicable for the long-term.
  • Learn Relaxation techniques to soothe anxiety.
  • Understanding the Root Causes of your Fears and Phobias.
  • Examine the Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours that contribute to Fears.
  • Gain self-understanding and insight, including identifying triggers.

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