Assertiveness Training at Insight MattersDo you find it difficult to express anger or irritation? Do you find it hard to say No! Do you feel you’re overly polite and allow others to take advantage of you?

Being assertive involves being able to express yourself clearly, to have your needs met and your rights acknowledged while also being able to have respect and consideration for the rights of others.

Assertive behaviour is concise, direct and specific about what you want. It’s a very clear communication style with little anxiety, stress and worry attached.

If you’re unused to having your needs met, or you find it difficult to tell others how you really feel, you may develop a passive way of behaving and relating with others.  This could mean allowing others to push you around, giving in to others demands and secretly resenting them afterwards. You may find it difficult to express your emotions – sadness, hurt, anger and frustration and thereby allow them to build up over time. What you feel on the inside is not matching your experience of reality on the outside. Passive behaviour can at times lead into aggressive behaviour as it can bring about frustration, irritability and low mood.

Most of us tend to demonstrate each behaviour style at different times, while predominantly identifying with one of the three assertive, aggressive or passive styles.

In Assertiveness Training you learn:

  • Which behaviour style you have and where you may have developed this.
  • How to identify your needs and wants and how to express these to others.
  • How to communicate clearly, concisely and distinctly.
  • Practical experience of expressing yourself assertively.
  • Root causes of passive/aggressive behaviour in relationships and attachment patterns.

Assertiveness Skills Training:

Clear Communication

Learn to say No!

Express anger, frustration and annoyance appropriately.

Develop greater self-esteem by identifying and challenging negative self-statements and self-defeating beliefs.

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