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Do you find it difficult to express anger or irritation? Do you find it hard to say No! Do you feel you’re overly polite and allow others to take advantage of you?

Being assertive involves being able to express yourself clearly, to have your needs met and your rights acknowledged while also being able to have respect and consideration for the rights of others.

In Assertiveness Training you learn:

  • Which behaviour style you have and where you may have developed this.
  • How to identify your needs and wants and how to express these to others.
  • How to communicate clearly, concisely and distinctly.
  • Practical experience of expressing yourself assertively.
  • Root causes of passive/aggressive behaviour in relationships and attachment patterns.

Assertiveness Training outline:

  • Assertiveness – what is it?
  • Benefits of being assertive
  • Self-awareness – identify your needs
  • Clear Communication
  • Learn to say No!
  • Learning to negotiate
  • Being an active listener
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn to identify & eliminate negative thinking and self talk
  • Making plans & setting goals

At Insight Matters we believe in providing participant centered training and courses are limited to 8 places only.

Date: Saturday 16th November 10am-4pm

Venue: Insight Matters, 5, Cavendish Row, Dublin 1


Anne Marie Toole – Clinical Director – Insight Matters

Cost: €75 for a 1 Day course, this includes all training materials. To secure your place full payment must be made by cheque/bank draft to Insight Matters at the above address, prior to the start date of the course.

To book your place please fill in the form below: