Commencement Date : Thursday, 25th February 2016 from 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: Insight Matters, 46 Mountjoy Square South, Dublin 1
Cost: €17:50 per weekly group session*


The country’s first weekly group psychotherapeutic service for transgender people is due to start on Thursday, 25th February 2016 at 7:30pm. This group counselling and psychotherapeutic service is the first of its kind in Ireland for the transgender community and comes on foot of an initiative by counsellor and psychotherapist Jim Hutton who works in this area.

“No person on their gender journey should be prevented from having ongoing counselling and psychotherapy support should they need or want it simply because they cannot afford this vital service,” he said.

“This much needed and long advocated low cost service has been through a six month consultative process involving many of the interested parties in this area,” he continued.

Initially the new low cost service will be available to any person 18 years of age or older who describes or feel themselves to be within any spectrum of transgender, androgyny, asexuality or transsexuality and who is in need of counselling or psychotherapy but who genuinely cannot afford weekly one-to-one sessions.

▼ The venue for each session will be the Lotus Room (2nd Floor) at Insight Matters, 46 Mountjoy Square South, Dublin 1. Each session will be held weekly with a duration of 1½ hours per session from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Changing facilities are also available on the premises for those clients who might need or prefer this option. The cost per group session per week for each client will work out at €17:50 per session.

▼ Potential clients can refer themselves directly to this new service from all the usual sources currently available to transgender people including direct phone contact with the counsellor and psychotherapist Jim Hutton: 086 3758581, by Email:, through the Insight Matters website, through TENI, Outhouse, Belong To, and other LGBT services in Ireland, through the HSE and its agencies, practicing and accredited counsellors and counselling services, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, medical practitioners, and all other recognised and accredited agencies in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and similarly approved and qualified individuals agencies in other jurisdictions including the EU. In certain circumstances approaches by HR departments of corporate, government and non-government agencies and entities may also be considered for inclusion on a case by case basis.

▼ Parents, partners or other concerned person(s) may also make contact directly themselves to arrange an initial consultation to allow them decide the suitability of this service or where appropriate, to offer alternative existing services for them at Insight Matters.
▼ A separate weekly psychotherapeutic group is also planned within the next three months as the next urgent priority for people considered close to or related to a transgender person and who may need counselling or psychotherapeutic support for themselves around understanding the gender journey of their loved one.
▼ At the outset clients will be informed as clearly as possible as to what group psychotherapy is, what it can be used for and how it might be experienced by each person.
▼ Group Psychotherapy is a unique and special place where everyone is offered an equal opportunity to be truly heard in a nonjudgmental way and where everyone is treated with compassion, awareness, mindfulness and respect. Above all it is a space of confidentiality and trust, where what is shared in the room stays in the room. It is a space of holistic personal process. Psychotherapy places a strong emphasis on providing a safe space to learn and re-learn ways to be self reliant and self resourcing, to learn to value one self fully, with love, self care and compassion. All of the above will of course be subject to the usual conditions which apply to best practice and the law as it applies to one-to-one counselling and psychotherapy in Ireland.
▼ Equally important is to talk about what the psychotherapeutic space is not. It is not a support group or a place of general conversation nor can it be considered a communal space for discussions of a general nature. Neither does it serve as a place to monitor, inform or share the practical step by step guidance to the individual’s gender journey as it is happening. These are experiences better addressed and discussed privately with the individual’s clinical psychologist, endocrinologist, psychiatrist or general practitioner. Clients are of course welcome to talk about and share the emotional and psychological impact or anticipation of ongoing or upcoming procedures and experiences if they wish. Acceptance and understanding of all of the above mentioned points will serve as a formal contract and pre-condition of participation in this process.
▼ Group psychotherapy usually has a minimum of five people, an average of nine or ten and a maximum of 13 clients. The group facilitator is Jim Hutton, who has been working in counselling and mentoring for over 17 years and working as a psychotherapist in this area over the past three years.
▼ Here is how the process of low cost weekly group therapy begins:
1. Direct, contact will be made by phone, email or letter with counsellor and psychotherapist Jim Hutton
By phone: 086. 086 3758581,
By Email:
2. An appointment will be made as soon as possible for an initial one to one consultation with the facilitating psychotherapist at Insight Matters.
3. Subject to suitability and availability, weekly group psychotherapy commences as soon as possible. Sessions are paid for monthly in advance.
4. A one to one review takes place usually after the sixth session attended by the client. This offers the opportunity to discuss and review their own experience, progress or concerns and perhaps bring up issues which they might find difficult to bring up within the group sessions.
5. Further Individual Review Sessions will take place for each client every 12 weeks thereafter for the duration of their group psychotherapy. This will also provide an opportunity to discover any issues or change in circumstance which might warrant a change in the client’s psychotherapeutic process, including the possibility of referring them on for one-to-one counselling or psychotherapy and consequential discontinuance of group therapy should that need arise.
6. Mindful of keeping costs manageably low, one to one sessions will last for 25 minutes per session. In certain circumstances clients may request additional one to one sessions but this would be regarded as exceptional as it would not follow good practice for a client to attend parallel group and individual counselling or psychotherapy on a continuous basis.
7. The psychotherapeutic group will be made up of an average of nine or ten clients 18 years of age or older subject to a maximum of 13 clients. A second facilitator will be engaged should the group average attendance become more than ten.

▼ Individual Fee for weekly group session: €17.50 per person per session paid monthly in advance:
One to one 25 minute review sessions: €28.00 per session payable on the day
▼ There is no option as yet to facilitate payment by Medical Card but this is a matter which could be explored along with other forms of subsidy or support payment by or on behalf of the client.
▼ Individual Review Session – 25 mins one to one sessions every twelve weeks for each group client. Notice of five working days will be required from any client who cannot attend these sessions to avoid incurring a full fee payment despite their absence.
▼ Fees will be payable monthly in advance prior to start of 1st session of each month including those months which may have a five week occurrence.
▼Clients joining the group mid-month will pay in advance for the remaining sessions within that month.
▼All payments will be monthly in advance by cash and will be receipted.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact  counsellor, psychotherapist and lead facilitator Jim Hutton: 086 3758581, by email: