Jim Hutton Psychotherapist at Insight MattersJim Hutton, B.A. (Hons.) Counselling & Psychotherapy, Dip. Counselling

Jim Hutton received his Diploma in Counselling through NUI Maynooth in 1999 and subsequently his BA (Hons.) in Counselling and Psychotherapy at Dublin Business School. For over 17 years he has been working with young people as a qualified literacy tutor and student support mentor with Youthreach, the governmentʼs second chance education programme. As a private practitioner his preferred way of one to one counselling and psychotherapy is person-centered, often called Humanistic or Rogerian, coupled sometimes with Mindfulness, Body Aware Therapy, CBT, Gestalt and Reality Therapy depending on the presenting individual client. Jim is the initiator and lead facilitator in
offering a comprehensive, low-cost group psychotherapy programme for transgender people and their loved ones in Ireland.


Having come through many years of personal and sometimes difficult struggles the philosophy of life I have come to believe in most is that many of us live our lives feeling unfulfilled, trapped by worry or nerves often because of the critical voice within ourselves. Some of us may live our daily lives in extreme self judgement and expectation. People
who frequently hear themselves say things like, “I should have done this” or “I must not do that”, “thatʼs not good enough”, or worse, will know more or less what Iʼm talking about.

Some of us can pick up repetitive habits or behaviour which might trouble or worry us at times even though they are often our comfort blanket used as our way of coping better with the stresses and strains of our daily lives. Some of us may have developed habits or phobias which we canʼt explain but which feel very real to us. Daily life as we experience it at times can leave us feeling very down, quietly feeling very lonely, often misunderstood and seldom really listened to. Getting a decent nightʼs sleep or going a full week without a headache, stomach upset or back ache can feel a world away. Life can sometimes feel very unfair. Then when personal trauma or tragedy hits us it can feel unbearably painful and for some, too tough to cope with and depression may set in.

But of course, you probably know something about these experiences already! Thatʼs possibly why you checked out this site in the first place, either for yourself or perhaps for someone in your life who you are worried about. Thankfully a very wise and kind-hearted part of you is looking after this worry right now, guiding you hopefully to make a good decision for you or your loved one.

Counselling and psychotherapy might be considered a valuable gift to give to yourself because at this point in your life you may really be ready to take good care of yourself. Through counselling and psychotherapy you can offer yourself a safe and caring space to begin the journey of trying to better understand you and to discover why your life is the way it is right now. It can be a safe space to perhaps explore or be curious about your past to try to see what influence your personal history might be having on your present behaviour or your reaction to things including how you think about things. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you find new ways to help deal with the worry and stress of the sometimes difficult people or situations in your life. It can help you find happiness within yourself and help you become better resourced in managing your day to day life, giving yourself a better quality of life for your future. This is the kind of counselling and psychotherapy I work with and which I invite you to consider.